About JTO

Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI (JTO) is the only jewelry wholesale district in Japan. They celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2017. We have also been expanding our retail business and we invite tourists to visit JTO! This is a good opportunity to purchase high quality jewelry made in Japan at a reasonable prices.
Our location is close to Okachimachi Station on JR Yamanote Line, which is the center of major sightseeing areas, such as Asakusa, Ueno and Akihabara. Please come and visit us when you come to Tokyo.


JTO was formed to build a friendship between the members and to promote autonomous economic activities as well as general activities, which would lead to the prosperity of members. We will advertise JTO inside and outside Japan to contribute to local economy.


  1. Activities to build a friendship between the members.
  2. Activities to exchange information in order to support the sound management of members.
  3. Joint public relation activities to promote the notion that JTO represent the jewelry industry in Japan.
  4. Joint sale activities to attract customers to JTO and to increase sales.
  5. Activities to reflect the intention of local jewelry industry on the redevelopment plan for the area around Okachimachi station proposed by government.
  6. Activities to prevent crime in the region and to help regional development.

Requirements for membership

An individual or a corporate who has a shop or an office in 3-chome and 5-chome Ueno, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, who engages in jewelry related business including sales, processing, manufacturing and appraising.


Number of members

80 companies (as of March 2017)

Main events

  • January International Jewellery Tokyo (IJT) JTO Pavilion
  • March Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Fair(JTOF)*
  • May International Jewellery Kobe (IJK)  JTO Pavilion
  • June Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Fair(JTOF)*
  • July Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Town Sale
  • August Japan Jewellery Fair (JJF) JTO Pavilion
  • September Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Fair(JTOF)*
  • October International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn (IJT)   JTO Pavilion
  • November Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Fair(JTOF)*
  • December Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Town Sale
  • December Jewelry Town OKACHI-MACHI Design Contest
  • *For business people only

History of Jewelry Town Okachimachi

The history of Okachimachi as a jewelry town dates back to the Edo Period. There were countless temples and shrines in Okachimachi area at that time, including Ueno Kan’ei-ji Temple and Sensoji Temple, consequently many artisans who made Buddhist alter fittings and silverwares also gathered in this district.

There were also many red-light districts such as Asakusa, Yoshiwara, Yanagibashi, Kuromoncho, Yushima and Nezu in Taito-ku so, naturaly, the region became the center of women’s accessories, for instance, kanzashi (hairpin) and obi-dome (kimono’s sash clip).

Around the mid-Meiji period, the number of artisans who cut stones, plated metal and made rings increased. This resulted in mass production techniques using molds for accessories.

After World War II, American soldiers started to sell and buy watches and accessories in Ueno. This open-air market was the template for Ame-Yoko (American Street). Ueno and Okachimachi became the support town for Ame-Yoko, repairing goods and acting as middlemen for the business. The wholesale market started as early as 1964 targeting watch/jewelry traders. This is how Okachimachi became the center of jewelry business in Japan.

January 1955



March 1964